Interesting Things You Probably Did Not Know About Sleepless in Seattle


If you love movies as much as I do then it is safe to say that you have watched the amazing Sleepless in Seattle starring Tom Hanks, and Meg Ryan. But if you have not watched it yet, then you should definitely check it out because movies like Sleepless in Seattle do not come around every now and then. It is the perfect mix of love, humour, and the perfect chemistry, and it stars two of the most amazing actors ever.

Despite the movie being a classic, there are a lot of interesting things about the movie, or interesting things surrounding the movie that many people do not know about. In this article, we look at some of the interesting things you probably did not know about Sleepless in Seattle. I can assure you that you will not lose your sleep.

Second Film Together

While the duo sounds too unconventional for the big screen, one should know that Sleepless in Seattle was their second film together. However, both of them would go on to work in two more films after the first one.

Julia Roberts as Annie

While I love Julia Roberts, I simply cannot see her playing the role of Annie. It is not that she would not fit in, it is just that I am so used to seeing Meg Ryan take up on the role that I can’t imagine anyone doing the same.

Tom Hanks Declining

Can you imagine someone else playing the role of Sam Baldwin? Yes, me neither. However, it almost happened because Tom Hanks initially said no to the role of Sam Baldwin, and did not want to play it at all. Despite him taking part later, he did say that he was cranky throughout the filming process.

Rita Wilson as Rosie O’ Donnell

Tom Hank’s wife Rita Wilson auditioned for the role of Rosie O’ Donnell, but since the part was already taken, she was still offered role in the movie by Ephron, but this time, the role was of Suzy, and even though the role itself was small, Suzy being in the movie was impactful to say the least.

The Radio Caller

If you go back and watch the segment with the radio called “Disappointed in Denver”, you might be able to tell that the voice that was used belonged to no one else but Norah Ephron.

The Movie Was Turned Into a Musical

Not many fans are aware of this but back in 2013, Sleepless in Seattle was turned into a musical at the Pasadena Playhouse, and at the current moment, the production has headed to London’s West End. Seeing the lighthearted, yet heart touching narrative of the movie, I am not surprised that this movie actually had the chance to be turned into a narrative.

Above are some of the interesting facts about Sleepless in Seattle, one of the best romantic comedies to ever grace the big screen, and leave an impression.

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