The Best Shows of 2018 (Yet)


There is no denying that 2018 has been a pretty amazing year for films, and TV shows, there is just too much to watch on TV, so much so that people often get confused as to what they should go for. If you are in the same confusion, and you want the list of the best shows that are on TV so far, then the good news is that this list will help you find your next binge watching session.


Starring the darling Evan Peters, as well as the beautiful and talented Kate Mara, Pose is a show about a look in the life of queer people of colour in New York. The show is set in the 80s, so you definitely see a lot of influence of colour from that era. While Pose successfully manages to talk about some of the serious issues plaguing the society back in the 80s, it, by no means, tries to uplift it. As a matter of fact, there is plenty of joyful, light hearted moments in between.


The fact that Bill Hader is an amazingly talented guy is something that we cannot deny. He has been on the scene for some time, and despite his SNL fame, he never gave any impression that the guy is all about laughs. Barry is a show about a former military assassin who finds purpose again by taking part in amateur acting classes. I know it sounds weird, but if you are looking for a show that is the perfect blend of comedy, drama, as well as action, then Barry is certainly the show that you need to watch.

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

While it originally aired last year as a TV show, it was an anthology from the start. The first season focused on people vs OJ Simpson, and now we are looking at something entirely different, and harrowing to say the least. The Assassination of Gianni Versace was gripping, sad, and painful to watch, but nothing detracts it from being the amazing show that it was.

On My Block

If you are looking for a show that has scored a perfect 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, then you are at the right spot. On My Block by Netflix is one of those shows that is really, really amazing. It can be watched on Netflix right now; the show focuses on teens leaving in LA, who are trying to ensure that their friendship goes on despite the world changing around them.


This is something that surprised me as well, Terror is a period horror that takes place on two ice-bound ships. The show is about monsters, cannibalism, as well as polar bears, and a whole lot of gripping tension that gets to you when you least expect it. Spanning 10 episodes, Terror is certainly one of the best shows out there, and the one that people should definitely watch if they want good entertainment.

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