TV Shows That Couldn’t Make It in Season 2


There is no denying that TV is a magical place that is getting better and better with more shows coming out faster than we can name them. This is a great thing because there is so much to watch, but every now and then we get a TV show that ends up raising the bar so high that everything else just feels useless. However, there are times when the same show that raised expectations to its peak ends up being disappointing in the 2nd season.

Whether they decided that people will accept whatever they are given, or something else happened mid production, we are not sure of that. This list is for those shows who were successful in their first season, but could not keep up with in the second season.

Marvel’s Dardevil

When Marvel’s Daredevil first aired on Netflix, it was everything fan wanted from Marvel and Netflix; successfully creating a link between the Cinematic Universe on the bigger screen, and the smaller screen, Marvel and Netflix created a masterpiece that wowed the fans in every possible aspect. Sadly, the season could not keep up the hype, and while the first one scored an impressive 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the second one ended up being at 74 percent.

True Detective

Perhaps the biggest shocker; True Detective’s first season was a show that I would say was Oscar worthy. I know shows do not count, but if it were a movie, it would have gotten an Oscar. Matthew McConaughey, and Woody Harrelson gave us a look at the dark gritty world of crime, and despite the show being an anthology, there were high hopes with the second season. Sadly, the second season was nothing more than a disappointment, with sloppy, one dimensional writing, and out of the way acting. It went from 87 percent for the first season, down to 62 percent in the second one.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why caused a lot of controversy, and stirred up a lot of hatred for itself as well. However, there is no doubt that the show was a hit, as far as the ratings were considered. However, when the second season was announced, people were rather confused as to how it would go, and once it did come out, the critics tanked it, and so did the viewers. So much so that the show went from being on 80 percent in the first season, down to 27 percent in the second one.


The first season of Bloodline on Netflix was full of surprises, while it was a slow burning show, it made waves, and critics and people loved it. This raised the expectations quite high when the first season ended. Sadly, however, the second season could not keep up with all the expectations as Bloodline’s first season scored an amazing 81 percent, while the second season dropped to 53 percent. Not the same type of burn as some other shows, but still massive.

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